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Season 1
May 17, 2010 to July 11, 2010
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The Make Poker Legal Poker League has a unique set up. The leagues is played in the Make Poker Legal Room. It is not based on a tournament or a final table. It is based on your total bankroll over a given period of time. Everybody get points and there are also bonus points. This ensures an exciting season and truly makes you play better online poker.

Treat your points as if it’s your bankroll. Use poker strategy; and mental strategy to obtain the most points. In case of tie, all players tied will receive the amount of points that they are tied at (i.e. 3 players are tied for 11th. All 3 players will receive 700 pts). If you run out of points take the quick survey & play some more tournaments!

You can see the "Weekly Leader Board" when you are logged into the poker network. Overall standings wil be posted in the forum section.

Season Prizes *images coming soon
1st Place - Royal Eyewear Glasses from Make Poker Legal
2nd Place – PMS Poker Wear (TBA)
3rd Place - Ante Up Magazine (TBA)
4th Place - Poker VT Membership
5th Place - $25.00 UFC Gift Card
6th Place - Elite Membership
7th Place - MPL Shirt
8th Place - Spade n Diamond T Shirt
9th Place - Card Protector from a Las Vegas
10th Place - MPL Magnet
*Prizes are subject to change prior to July 1st 2010.

Point System
The Point system is simple. Each Sunday, based on the leaderboard; points will be awarded. You also have other ways to get "bonus points".

1st - 1000 pts
2nd - 975 pts
3rd - 950 pts
4th - 900 pts
5th - 875 pts
6th - 850 pts
7th - 825 pts
8th - 800 pts
9th - 775 pts
10th - 750 pts
11th to 25th - 700 pts
26th to 50th - 650 pts
51st to 75th - 600 pts
76th to 100th - 550 pts
101 and below - 500 pts

"Bonus Points"
You can get bonus points as follows:

Hands Played - 1 pt.
Sng Played - 5pts.
MTT Played - 10 pts.
MTT Won - 100 pts
Top 10% - 75 pts.
Top 50% - 50 pts.