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It's simple to play poker with us. Once you have registered an account and downloaded our poker software, you're good to go. Click on our Desktop Icon to login and launch the poker client to play unlimited U.S. legal online poker 24-7 for the opportunity to win over $100,000 in cash and prizes every month.

About Poker Points                                                                  Back to Top
Poker Points are needed to enter and play in most tournaments. All players are given 1500 Poker Points upon creation of their new account and you'll receive 2000 Poker Points every day that you login to our Client Software. You can win even more Poker Points by playing in tournaments and by participating in our daily Bonus Point activities located under the Get More Points tab in our Client Software.

Spending Your Poker Points                                                    Back to Top
You can spend your points to enter more poker tournaments (in an effort to win more points, cash and prizes) or save your accrued points to move up the Weekly Leaderboard to participate in tournaments with bigger payouts and prizes (i.e.Weekly Championship). Every time you gain (or lose) points, your running point total is reflected in your Bankroll. Getting More Poker Points

Each day you can win more points by logging in, participating in bonus point activities and/or competing in poker tournaments. There are various other ways to earn Bonus points, including answering Surveys and Questions of the Day, Referring your Friends to us, and participating in select sponsor promotions.

Every time you play Poker and/or participate in Bonus Point activities, you’ll have a running balance of points in your Bankroll. If you win (and gain points) you can spend your points to enter more poker tournaments or save your points to move up the Weekly Leaderboard. Rewards Points - At the end of each week your Weekly Points are rolled over into your Rewards Points. You will have a running balance of Rewards Points that may allow you to qualify for additional tournaments and play in special Rewards Points Tournaments. Rewards Points Tournaments will be listed in the Poker Lobby in our Tournament Schedules You can check your Rewards Points balance at any time under the Leaderboard Tab or in your Account Bankroll Details.
Rewards Points = Poker Points player accumulates during each week of competition cycle x 10% and added to previous weekly total.

Playing in Tournaments                                                      Back to Top
After you log on to the poker application, click on the Tournaments tab to display our various Poker Rooms and a list of the available Tournaments. To register for a tournament simply click on the red Register button for that tournament. Each tournament has entry conditions. To register for a tournament, you must meet that tournament's entry requirements. If you click on a tournament, the Tournament Details section of the screen will give you more specific entry information.

Entry Requirements can be Point buy-ins, entering in a password (PWD), or meeting profile based criteria (i.e. membership level, gender, or age) before you can play. In addition, some tournaments may require that you qualify by placing on the weekly Leaderboard or winning a qualifying tournament. Use your poker points in exchange for a tournament "buy-in" (a.k.a. tournament entry fee). The number of points you can win depends on the tournament's buy-in amount, the amount of total tournament entries and, of course, how well you place within the tournament standings. This will allow you to increase your weekly Bankroll and help you move up the Leaderboard.
See Official Rules, or our FAQ’s for detailed information.

The Weekly Leader Board                                                 Back to Top
Each Week, Our Members can compete amongst each other to win cash, prizes and poker points. As you gain more poker points via successful poker play and bonus point activities, you'll see your name rise on the Leaderboard. Your goal is to be listed as one of the top 2,000 scores on the Leaderboard at the end of each Qualifying week in order to qualify for and play in that Sunday's Weekly Championship.

Throughout the week the 2,000 participants with the highest point totals will be posted on the site (click on the Leaderboard Tab in the our Client Software to see your standings). If you're one of the top 2,000, you'll be able to register for and play in that week's Championship (Sunday Nights at 7:30pm ET) once the week is finalized (Sundays at approximately 6:01 AM), then Leaderboard is reset and we start all over again. Every week brings over a hundred thousand reasons to play and a new chance to win! See our Official Rules for complete entry details.

Leader Board Prizes                                                         Back to Top
The top players from each Weekly Leaderboard will also win an additional Leaderboard Prize Bonus Prize! New Leaderboard Prizes are added all the time so login to the Client Software and click on the Leaderboard Tab to check the prize details for each individual week.